Payne Hockey Development is a Hockey Program offering hockey development services internationally and in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area. PH provides a fun filled creative learning environment focusing on depth of skills that range from fundamental skill development at the recreational level to competitive advanced skill training, primarily focusing on game translatable skills.

PH’s teaching method breaks down the essential mechanics of specific game translatable movement patterns that are essential to becoming a dynamic player. “Payne Hockey” provides the necessary skill platform that sets the stage in helping you reach the next level in your skill development.

Development Services

PH Development offers many types of hockey and skating development services for minor hockey players including:

  • Private/Semi Private training sessions
  • Skating That Translates™ sessions 
  • Small group/large group development sessions
  • Summer Skill Camps
  • Spring and Winter Development programs
  • Team skating and private development program consulting services
  • Skating Evaluations
  • Online coaching and Video breakdown of Skills on social platforms



 What do we mean by SKATING THAT TRANSLATES?

Tired of Boring old traditional Power skating? We all hated going to power skating sessions when we were kids. Did they pay off? Yes. Could we have had more fun in the sessions? Definitely!

PH Development provides a unique service that implements skating movements and patterns into training sessions that are utilized in the game today.

With iPad video breakdown, PH Development cuts game clips of your favourite NHL Stars replicating these skating movements in a game situation. 

Skating That Translates™ 

Inspire. Motivate. Empower.



Contact us today and we will provide you a free hockey development services quotation.

Email: info@phdevelopment.ca